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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sustainable projects.

We don’t have a separate sustainability ‘unit’, nor ask our clients whether they want sustainability services as the optional extra service. And we recognize that while improving the efficiency of resource use and mitigating environmental impacts are important aspects of becoming more sustainable, we know that what society really requires is a fundamental step change in the nature and effectiveness of development.
For these reasons our approach to sustainability is different. We are working to embed sustainability into our approach to each and every project, to the choices of projects to work on, and the clients we work with.
We’re also translating sustainability thinking into all aspects of our business operations. To
us, it simply makes good sense. Our business is the development, construction
and operation of wind and solar thermal plants.
Our approach sets us apart. Our vision. Our passion. Our entrepreneurial spirit. And, most
of all, our commitment to partnership. We work closely with governments, development
partners and investors. And while every project is different, our goal is always the same.
Our people are our defining strength and our industry experience in development, consent, construction and operations will deliver high quality renewable projects to the African marketplace.
We are determined to deliver a successful business that accelerates global progress towards a sustainable future.

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