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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Solar hot water systems

Africa as a continent is blessed with natural resources and its uniqueness in an all year round solar energy. Power options believes that this is an opportunity for our customers to use the sun’s energy to heat water in domestic homes. This goes a long way in having a positive effect on your monthly bills and at the end of the day making a significant contribution to the environment by reducing Co2 emissions.

Solar thermal systems purely depend on the sun’s rays to heat water. The system comes with solar water collectors which through the laws of gravity water passes through these collectors and are heated and eventually end up in a specially built tank which stores up the heated water for use in the house.

Solar thermal systems come in different sizes depending on the clients needs. In water heating, proper design, sizing and use of quality material are essential in providing enough hot water for the whole household.


At power options we can confidently tell our clients that the initial high capital that comes with the investment of a thermal system, they will have recovered these costs within eighteen months after installation and commissioning.


Power options Ltd is recognized in the industry as a company which deals with quality products of which our clients benefit from. These benefits are:

  • Reduction in heating costs
  • Independence from heating oil price fluctuation and increases
  • No environmental pollution, emissions and oil leakages
  • Technically reliable and long life components
  • High quality system with warranties

Solar thermal systems have a minimum life of 25 years. Little maintenance is required. People who made investments in solar water heating either for bathing, domestic cleaning or swimming pools have noticed a gradual increase in electricity savings for hot water. All our thermal systems come with warranties which through our previous projects have we fulfilled and will endeavor to maintain.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and with that we have set a benchmark that other renewable energy companies aim to achieve. Thermal systems can be installed in two ways; the tank can be installed in the sealing or on the roof. Where the tank will be installed will greatly depend on how the roof was designed.

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