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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Solar lighting systems

Photovoltaic modules transform solar energy into DC current which may be used to supply electrical devices (either directly or via an inverter which transform DC voltage to AC voltage).

There is a large demand for economically sustainable energy supply solutions in Africa. However, solar electricity supply systems require a higher initial investment cost when compared with standard diesel generators. The initial investment costs for photovoltaic systems are conservatively 5 times higher. This does not consider the running costs of a diesel generator supply: the running costs will rapidly increase through continuous use 365 days / 24 hrs with the need for a complete overhaul every 12 months. The potential costs become even greater when taking into account increasing oil prices and transportation costs to remote regions. Inadequate infrastructure and logistics also have a negative effect on generator maintenance.
The maintenance effort for PV-systems is comparatively low. When making a direct

Comparison, the solar solution is already more economical than a comparable diesel generator after 7 years. Given that the investment period is 20 years, the diesel option will ultimately be twice as expensive as an independent solar installation.

Quality benefits

  • No fuel costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reliable power supply for telecom stations
  • Independence from oil price fluctuations and increases
  • No environmental pollution caused by noise, emissions and oil leakages
  • Technically extremely reliable using long-life components (no wearing parts)
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